For millennials traveling is not a luxury, but a necessity. Anyone without at least two upcoming trips feels like there is nothing happening in the future.

Traveler and seller – create the experience together

From the millennials perspective traveling is at its best something unique, shareable and valuable. On one hand, you can brag with your experiences do they involve a high monetary value or not, and on the other hand, you can record your experiences for a lifetime in high-resolution photographs on different social sites.

As a travel organizer, aim to provide something unique, instagrammable and shareable. In the best case you can teach new skills. Involving local cuisine is highly recommended. Pictures are everything in the marketing.

If you can create one of the kind -package, you can reason a proper price tag. Other wise you might lose a big share of your potential customers – millennials are skilled to search, mix and match to create the package by themselves. Add extra value, provide something, that can not be copied just by anyone.

Shortly: Create memorable moments that are not easy to copy or repeat.

Group or solo?

Group travel is on the rise – If you travel solo, or somewhere very exotic, it might be difficult to arrange details for such a trip you wish for solo. Do not mix this kind of arrange events to group travel like cruises or beach resorts.

Party party is not the thing, but a new, different culture, new experiences, maybe even learning new skills. Local cuisine is extremely important.

On the other hand, millennials want to tailor-made their city trips to Berlin, New York, Lissbon and London by experiencing them like locals, including their qurkiest corners. This means staying in a airBnB or an unique hostel and spotting where to go from sites like Spotted by Locals or apps like Hype. Get your trips from as site like Vayable.

Millennials travelling to experience local cultures is an untapped opportunity, for the local hospitality and tour providers.

Travel agencies that hit the sweet spot

Much Better Adventures

What? More and less extreme weekend trips, which may require just one or two days off work. Biking and rafting in Croatia, hiking and climbing in Marocco… Or maybe hiking and abseil in Serbia?

Why it works? Only a few brave ones are ready to plan and book hike-climb to Mt. Toubkal with local operators all by themselves, but when it is sold by an UK based agency and matched to Ryanair’s flight times, the barrier has disappeared from many more.

Black Tomato

What? The upscale version of the previous, bringing you just about anywhere. Their new invention, Blink, is the extreme version of unique, just once in a lifetime moment.

Why it works? If you are willing to book helicopter tours in remote locations, you possibly earn so much that you can not use too much time researching the high-quality options. Neither do you have the knowledge about building glass igloos to Lapland even though you are very willing to see the Northern flights middle of nowhere in -30 C.

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