Millennials love doing good. On instant. If it is easy. If you don’t have to commit to anything long term.

A perfect example comes from Finland. A local food delivery service, Wolt, launched a special Christmas service. Instead of just ordering for yourself, customers were able to donate a Christmas dinner for a homeless person for 5€ in the app. In the end, Finns got so crazy about donating, that instead of just Christmas dinners the homeless in Helsinki are going to have donated food for the whole year.  The campaign is extended, so that donations for food for the homeless can be constantly made.

This is an amazing example about millenials. They do want to act, they do want to do good. But:

  • It has to be easy
  • It has to be affordable
  • It is instant
  • It is specific
  • It does not involve long commitment (one time donation)

Wolt’s charity success comes partly also to the fact the opportunity to donate comes accross just very easily – among something you would do anyway.

Millennials want to do good, but you have to keep it easy.